Where was the ceremony held?

The wedding took place at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a historic Renaissance-style villa in Miami, Florida. The ceremony was in the garden mound, which is surrounded by beautiful 400-year-old trees. Since we both love nature, the garden mound was just the perfect place to say our wedding vows. We initially decided on Vizcaya as the venue, because the timeless architecture reminded us of our romantic road trip in Italy.


Where did you get ready for the big event?

I got ready at the Hotel Victor, overlooking the beach and in the heart of the famed Art Deco district on Ocean Drive, in Miami.




How and where did you find your Rosa Clarà dress?

I spent tens of hours searching for my perfect wedding gown. However, I always wanted my mother to be there for me when I made my choice. So we finally went dress shopping together and as soon as we saw the breathtaking, airy, and yet elegant Rosa Clara gown, we knew it was the one. As cliché as it may sound, but it truly was love at first sight! This wedding dress was meant for me :)


Did you wear a headdress?

For the headdress, I decided to go with a cathedral veil with elegant feminine floral appliqués.



How about the complements you wore? (shoes, jewellery)

Right from the beginning, I had it clear – my shoes need to be gorgeous, and yet very comfortable! Aquazzura just recently started to release a bridal collection and I immediately fell in love with their bridal “Sexy Thing” lace pumps. Featuring baby blue sole and marked with Aquazzura’s golden pineapple logo (which apparently attracts good fortune), my bridal shoes added a magical touch to the day!

As for the meaningful jewels, my mother gave me her blue sapphire ring on the day of the wedding and my mother-in-law gave me her flower-shaped pendant, and a beautiful diamond bracelet. And, of course, I wore my beautiful diamond engagement ring.


Who made your bouquet? Which type of flowers did it have?

The bouquet was made of peonies, spray roses, ivory roses, ranunculus and some greenery. It was slightly cascading down and the design was very loose and airy. I ordered mini-version of my bouquet for my bridesmaids as well.



Did you get nervous?

I was very nervous before the First Look. After our First Look, both of us were so happy and thrilled, all we could do was enjoy every single moment of our special day.






Where was the reception held?

After the ceremony, guests were escorted inside the Main House for a champagne toast. We came down the stairs to all of them cheering for us.

The reception took place outside by the water. It felt like an intimate dinner with family and friends. With Vizcaya’s majestic architecture and mysterious gardens on Biscayne Bay, it was an absolutely magical evening for us!


Is there a special or fun moment you remember?

My absolutely favorite moment was the First Look before the ceremony. I remember slowly walking down the steps, seeing Yama’s back, and feeling soooooo nervous. I just couldn’t wait for him to turn around and hold me in his arms. And I was right – as soon as I saw his face, all that nervousness was completely gone.

The First Look was the best decision we made because it allowed us to enjoy a few minutes alone and get the jitters out of the way! Seeing Yama’s face and hearing him say quietly “I love you” was the best moment of my wedding day.


Any original details in your wedding?

Both of us come from very different backgrounds, so we wanted to incorporate a lot of traditions into our wedding ceremony, which made the wedding very unique and special to both our families and us. The traditions included receiving ceremonial wedding bread symbolizing our parents’ blessing, stepping on a hand-embroidered “ryshnyk” to express our consent to marry each other. Additionally, we drank from a “cup of life” and fed each other “Malida,” which symbolized us sharing both the bitter and sweet experiences of life together. At first, we didn’t know how to incorporate all of these traditions into our ceremony, but with time, we found a way to make it interesting for all of our guests and it was perfect.



Could you tell us and advise to the future brides?

Enjoy your day to the fullest because it will be over before you know it! The next morning, you will wake up and you will say to your now-husband “Can we do it again?” (at least that’s what I did)

Given that it was a destination wedding, we planned events for the whole weekend. Afterwards, we got many compliments from our guests because they felt that it was like a mini-vacation for them.




Who was your photographer?

Choosing Wedding Nature Photography is a decision I would make again and again without having to think twice because seeing the results of all their hard work left us speechless! We relived our wedding day with each photo they took!



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