Which neckline suits you the most?

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Do you know which neckline suits you the most? Each body is a world and each chest is favored by a type of neckline, that is why it is important to detect which are our strengths and weaknesses to make the best choice. As we always say, it is best to go to your nearest store and try on dresses to select or discard necklines, many of you will be surprised! Sometimes the necklines that favor us with casual clothes have nothing to do with the bride necklines, it’s funny!

Let’s go with the tips!


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Pravia, Rosa Clará 2018. A very exquisite dress with a very sensual neckline. We recommend deep necklines for brides with a small bust, and it will not look so tight compared to a woman with large bust. The neckline in V causes a visual effect and makes us see the neck larger and more stylish.

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Ponte, Rosa Clará 2018. In this case, the neckline may look like the previous one but there is a difference. The waves make the neckline a little more put together by what can be a spectacular dress for brides who have a large bust. It is a very flattering neckline, elegant and with a very sensual point.

escotes de novia

Petunia, Rosa Clará 2018. Sweetheart neckline is perfect for brides who have wide back and want to hide it. It’s all a visual effect, but it works! And for brides who have a small bust and want to enhance it, this is the ideal neckline!

escotes de novia

Pesaro, Rosa Clará 2018. The turtle neck is impressive, this is a design with which there is no doubt you will surprise. We recommend it for tall brides with a long neck. The neck is a part of the body that shows a lot, depending on your neck, it will be better not to cover it.


escotes de novia

Paris, Rosa Clará 2018. Bateau neckline or without shoulders, a type of neckline frequently used and it is very flattering. We recommend it for brides who have a wide back or big bust, since it is a neckline that refines the body.

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