Which neckline suits me best?

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‘Which neckline suits me best?’, is something I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves time and again. We’ve all got different figures and there’s no sure-fire way of knowing which neckline is going to look best on us. That said, we can give you a few tips that will help guide your choice and remember, there’s always an exception to the rule!


V-necks always extend and slim! We particularly recommend them for those of you with short necks, generous busts or broad shoulders.


Asymmetrical necklines help create balance and really flatter those of you with narrow shoulders or pear-shaped figures.


Square necks are the best choice for busty or pear-shaped brides. Take it from us, you’ll look stunningly sexy! Likewise, those of you with rounder faces or broader necks will find they give you a more refined look.



Round necks look great on just about everybody! If you’ve got a narrow back they’ll help create a fuller look and they’re a flattering choice for brides with small busts or athletic builds.

What’s more, this neckline makes your neck look longer, which is great if you don’t have a particularly long one! As you can see, you can’t go wrong with this cut!



Finally, for those of you with prominent busts this off-the-shoulder neck elegantly softens those curves and creates a beautifully discreet wedding look!

So, got a better idea now of which neckline is likely to look best on you?

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What neckline style suits you better?
19 July 2017

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