Veronica and Pablo; a unique Russian-Argentinian wedding with a touch of Rosa Clará.

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Hello Ladies!

Today we would like to share with you a beautiful wedding in Russia. Veronica and Pablo are the protagonists of this story; she’s Russian and he’s Argentinian. Such a great combination! Don’t you think?

Veronica tell us the most memorizing details from her wedding; and even who was lucky to get the bridal bouquet. You will be surprised! Hope you enjoy their story by Alla Yachkulo.



Where was the ceremony held?

At the Botanic Garden of Stavropol, Russia


Where did you get ready for the big event?

I got ready at home and the groom at a hotel. Then he picked me up!


How and where did you find your Rosa Clarà dress?

In New York, I found a dress first in a magazine at Pinterest website, I felt in love with it. I found out who the Designer was, and then where I could buy it in New York. I got lucky to work with “Designer Loft” and Liz herself.


How about the complements you wore? (shoes, jewellery)

My shoes I got from Nina shoes, Bridal collections (New York), jewellery was from Majorica. Beautiful pair of pearl earrings (Spain).


Who made your bouquet? Which type of flowers did it have?

The floral shop was from my home town Stavropol; their name is Flora Fantasy. It had beige and pink peonies.  They also decorated our entire event.






Where was the reception held?

In the restaurant “Lesnaya Polyana”, Stavropol. The restaurant located right in the forest, so it’s very green and beautiful, just across from Botanic Garden.




Which car did you use to take you to the church?

It was a retro Russia car – cabriolet Pobeda (the Victory). We had the Ceremony at the Garden and then reception in a restaurant.


Did you get nervous?

Little, just wanted to make sure everything would go smooth and wanted to enjoy that day as much as I can.


Is there a special or fun moment you remember?

Yes, we had an international wedding. The groom is from Argentina and I’m from Russia. We celebrated the wedding in Russia and we had guests coming from Argentina as well. Our wedding was in 3 languages: Russian, English, and Spanish. Even thought it was very international wedding everything felt so united and enjoyed a lot. It was a feeling of a big family celebration all together. Argentinian guests prepared some performances, they danced tango and sing folkloric songs in Spanish. And Russian guest also prepared Russian folkloric dance, sang Russian folkloric songs. It was unforgettable moment and a very nice one.



Any original details in your wedding?

We have Fine Art style of the wedding with classic dress, suit, retro car, and saxophone. All the decoration was in very tender and light rose colours.


Could you tell us and advise to the future brides?

I would recommend planning all the detail. It has to be organized and have a plan about the event. It needed lots of attention and detailed approach. Other than that, just enjoy this day as much as you can to remember it for many-many years later on. It’s a day for celebrating your love and everybody there for you!




Who was your photographer?

Alla Yachkulo 


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