Hello Ladies!


How is the wedding planning going? Flowers, favors, waiters… Don’t panic!

Today we want to share with you some ideas for the seating chart, this place where all the guests go after the cocktail hour to find their setas and with who they will share the table.

As you know, we always recommend that you hire a wedding planner during the wedding to coordinate the day and to make sure everything comes out just the way you’ve planned. In many cases we don’t have the time to take care of all the details, and sometimes we don’t get things done because of the lack of time. This is why we highly recommend a Wedding Planner!

And they can plan beautiful things just as these:

A seatting chart with suitcases!

With a suitcase, some rope and art we can make a seating chart as this one. Afterwards, it will be very easy to pack and take home.





Seatting charts with picture frames!

A rustic inspiration that can be used depending on the venue. In this case use a big tree to place the seatting chart with different frames, styles and color tones.


Another option that we find more romantic it will be to hang the frames in a canvas. We love this idea, easy and affordable!


And with flowers!

If you want to surprise your guests choose this option. Vases with the names! You will only have to number the vases and write the names in the wooden sticks. The will love it!



And to finish, a simple option where the flowers are the main character. You will have to make a hanging station with rope and hang all the names. You can add flowers and make it look very pretty for the photos.




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