We will share with you the exclusive details never seen before.

All the emotions and feelings take place backstage, before the models step on the runway.  It is really important to remain organized and stay calm, as it is the most important moment of the year for the company and everything must come out as planned.

In this first picture we can see all the gowns with the corresponding shoes assigned to each model. In the picture everything is still peaceful, but only minutes after the entire room filled with models, stylist, journalists, photographers… A pure craziness that we love!


Before the fashion show there is a rehearsal so that the models can familiarize themselves with the runway. This year the company innovated with a U shaped catwalk and the models had to know exactly how to walk the runway. With their hair already done but still casually dressed, the models listened carefully to the directions from the artistic director.


After the rehearsal the models had a moment to relax and share secrets and laughs.  As you can see, they were really calm, waiting for the moment to slip in the dresses.




Backstage is where the last retouches of the gowns, hairdos and make up are done, so that the models can look perfect on the runway. The lighting is very strong so every imperfection is accentuated.



In this picture you can observe the moment in which the models get in line for the catwalk, and as soon as the stage-manager says their names they get ready to go. That’s the moment of truth, silence, determined faces and let the show begin!



End of the fashion show! Rosa Clará and the models are happy to once again amaze all the guests with the designs. The celebration backstage is already starting while the 700 guests stand up from their seats to applaud.  A wonderful moment!


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