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Have you ever wondered what neckline style is the most flattering? So often, the necklines of casual clothes are different from the necklines of wedding dresses and sometimes that can make it more difficult to identify our true style. Don’t you agree? So in today’s post we are going to show you several unique neckline styles, each with its own advantages, and we will give you some pointers on the ideal neckline for you, according to your body type. Ready to discover your ideal neckline.



neckline Rosa Clará

Penélope Style,  Rosa Clará Couture 2018.     wedding gown Rosa Clará

 Lia style, Rosa Clará Soft 2018.

We recommend this to brides who:

  • Want to extend the neck to be more stylish.
  • Want to enhance a small chest.
  • Want to make their shoulders look more narrow thanks to the visual effect that enhances this type of cleavage.


Round neckline:


wedding neckline Rosa Clará

 Alada style,  Rosa Clará 2018.

wedding gown Rosa Clará

We recommend it to brides who:

  • Want to diminish and smooth out their chest.
  • Want to broaden their shoulders.
  • We do not recommend this neckline if you have thick arms and waist.


Strapless sweetheart:


vestidos de novia Rosa Clará

 Abril style, de Rosa Clará 2018.

We recommend this to brides who:

  • Have both thin and thick arms.
  • Want to extend the neck.
  • Want to accentuate and emphasize their hips.
  • Have smaller breasts – this neckline can help to augment their appearance.



vestido de novia Rosa Clará

Parma style, Rosa Clará Couture 2018.

vestido de novia Rosa Clará

We recommend this to brides who:

  • Want to play down their waist.
  • Want to broaden their shoulders.
  • Want to build up the appearance of the bust and lengthen the neck.


Halter neckline:

Rosa Clará vestido de novia

Leonard style, Rosa Clará Soft 2018.

We recommend this to brides who:

  • Want to augment the appearance of the bust.
  • Want to De-emphasize wide hips.
  • Want to widen the shoulders.


Have these tips helped you get a better idea of what would look terrific on you? Now you can do a more accurate search according to what neckline suits you best.  However, before deciding on any dress, it’s always better to try it on first. You can’t imagine how often brides are surprised when they find out that the dress they had chosen looked so different from the one they had in mind when they tried it on! You can find many more beautiful neckline choices here.

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Which neckline suits me best?
23 February 2016

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