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Happy Wednesday everyone!

We continue with another key decision for the bridal look; the hairstyle and the headdress! Are you already clear about your hairstyle? Sometimes it’s hard to decide, right? It really isn’t easy! So today we are going to give you some ideas as well as the Rosa Clará headdress we would combine them with. Did you know we have a beautiful collection of headdresses for brides and guests?

The headdresses of our collection are handcrafted pieces made with pure silver thread. They are malleable so they can adapt to any type of hairstyle and they also match most of our dresses. Let’s take a look at them!


This is a perfect option for brides who are not used to wearing an up-do and want to look a little more casual. We would combine it with any of these two headdresses to give it a sophisticated touch.



Semi up-do with braids. A hairstyle which will always succeed if you are used to wearing your hair down!

The point with this hairstyle is to place two equal headdresses at each end of the braid to make the effect of two-in-one. It looks beautiful!



This original headdress is made with hand-woven leaves with silver thread and touches of golden leaves.


Antonela Roccuzzo, Leo Messi’s wife, chose a semi up-do combined with a delicate and elegant headdress created with more than 250 crystals. It consists of three parts so you can create the combination you want depending on your hairstyle. In addition, it is available in several colors if the hairstyle you are seeking is for a guest!



And finally, the complete up-do that is perfect combined with any of our headdresses. They are also malleable so you can decide how you want to place it and adapt it to your own style.





And to finalize the post since we´ve been talking about hairstyles, did any of you go to the “Total Look” event that we organized in many of our stores? A few weeks ago, hairdressing and makeup professionals were doing hair and makeup for our brides making them feel like real princesses. Nano Gallego and Marta X captured some of the moments in a video of that beautiful day. You can see it by clicking HERE.

Thank you very much for joining us one more day. Happy day!


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Peinados según el estilo del vestido
Hairstyles in the style of dress
15 September 2015

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