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We are back again and this time with a very inspiring post! Are you looking for a hairstyle for your bridal look? There are so many options to choose from that it becomes hard to pick! It is true that the hairstyle is very important in a bride’s look; you must feel identified, you have to be comfortable and you have to go according to the dress you have chosen. Today we bring you some ideas of bridal hairstyles and with what dress we would combine it. Let’s begin!


peinado de novia
The perfect combination of a bun and braid! If you are used to having your hair up daily and want to surprise, this may be the winning hairstyle.

We recommend combining it with a dress in which the collar is clear, such as a boat neck. You will style your figure and show elegance on all four sides.

vestido de novia Rosa Clará


peinado de novia

A very well put together high ponytail is a safe bet and is not your typical bridal hairstyle. If you are used to wearing ponytail it will be very easy to decide on this hairstyle but remember, it is very important to go to a professional because otherwise at 2 hours you will look very messy. It is a hairstyle that sticks with all kinds of wedding dresses although our choice this time has been a dress with a V-shaped opening on both the back and the neckline.


In this case the bride has combined the ponytail with braids to give a more casual touch. We love it!



peinado novia

A low and perfect bun. The least is more in a bridal look is very important so we recommend you hairstyles without major complications and make you feel comfortable throughout the day. A bun is totally combinable with any type of dress, in this case we have chosen a dress with which you must go with the hair completely up so that you can see the detail of the back.

vestido de novia Rosa Clará

peinado de novia

The fishtail braid lately is so trendy. So, flattering! It is also comfortable and versatile; You can do it to the back or side if you do not want to cover your back or because it favors you more. The best thing is that it goes with practically all the dresses! We chose a deep neckline dress and spaghetti straps for this look.

vestido de novia Rosa Clará


peinado de novia

And this is one of the most carefree hairstyles of the selection; a combination of braid and pigtail with the ideal detail of the black tie. Do you like it? You must have personality to show off but everything is daring! We combine it with a romantic tulle and lace dress precisely to break with that romanticism and surprise the most.



Do you now have a more clear concept of how your hair will look, bun or ponytail? We hope this helped you! Would you like more inspirational post like this one? Leave us your comments


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