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Where did the ceremony take place?

We got married at the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes of Toledo. We were raised in that city and I always had in mind to get married in this church. It was built by the Catholic Kings and is one of the most beautiful temples of Toledo.

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Where did you get ready?

We all got ready at our family’s house, surrounded by our parents and sisters.

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How did you feel once you saw yourself with the dress?

When I saw myself I felt like a bride. At the time of the fittings I looked stunning but never got to feel like a bride.

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How and where did you find your Rosa Clará dress?

At the Rosa Clará store of Toledo which I have to thank for their great support and kindness.

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What made you choose this style? Was this the dress you always dreamed of?

I knew the 2015 collection by hard from searching so many times on the web, and even though I had my favorite styles I tried a few more to see how they fit. Nevertheless, the dress I chose was the one I liked from the beginning since I saw it on the web. The sales girls were very kind; they had to bring my dress from Barcelona since they didn’t have it in store. I always loved lace but what I loved the most was the neckline and once I tried it n I knew it was the one.

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Which veil did you use? Where did you get it?

I got my veil from Rosa Clará. The lace it was the same from the dress, so it looked perfect.

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And what accessories did you use? 

I wore beaded party shoes; I did not want white shoes that I wasn’t going to wear again. I wore some beautiful earrings that my parents gave me and my engagement ring. Once at the reception, I took off the veil and wore a floral crown of natural flowers.


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What type of flowers was your bouquet made of? Who did you give it to?

Miniature roses and champagne and pale rose English roses. I already knew who to give the bouquet, my sister Zulema who I love so much.

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Where did the reception take place?

The reception took place at the Cigarral of the Mercedes in Toledo. We visited many cigar places in our city but once we visited the one from Las Mercedes we fell in love, it’s an enchanting place. It is a country house with beautiful views to the city and beautiful gardens. The cocktail hour took place at one of the balconies with views to the city; the food was under a tent and the dance floor and bar at the lake house, everything with an exquisite decoration. They are known for taking care of every little detail, the guests fell in love with the place, and the food and the service were perfect. And to top it off they gave us a night at one of their private villas, and ours was Asian themed.

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Any special memory you remember?

There were so many special moments; the first dance, when I gave the bouquet to my sister, surprises from our friends, videos with our photos from our family… but without doubt, the most unforgettable moment was a thank you note we read at the end of the ceremony at the church. It was a very emotional moment where we thanked everyone for been there in the most important day of our lives. My husband was very emotional he couldn’t stop the tears once he was reading his part, and at this moment we felt the love from the applauses. Finally we read our vows and we thanked each other for this moment.

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Any advice for the future brides?

Enjoy this moment to the fullest, from day one till the big day.

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Who was your photographer?

Pablo Lopez Ortiz, an excellent profesional.


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