Carla & Marcos. A fairytale wedding

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, today we bring you a very special post with lots of love, all the details of the fairytale wedding of Carla and Marcos!

You will fall in love!

 Where was the ceremony held?

At  the Saint John church of Gijon


Where did you get ready for the big day?

At my mom’s house with beautiful views of the Poniente beach




How did you feel when you first saw yourself wearing one of our dresses?

Like a princess, it was the dress I always dreamed off, and it fit perfectly with the theme, a fairy tale.




What made you choose your dress?

I went with my mom and grandma, and once they saw me they were impressed, they had seen me so many times dressed as a bride because I am a bridal model.



Was this the dress you’ve dreamed off?

Of course, there is no dress more beautiful than mine.



What type of flowers did you bouquet have?

The bouquet was made of roses, mini roses in pastel rose tone, I went with Martha from Vintage Weddings to choose my flowers so everything looked perfect with the church and reception.


Where was the reception held?

After visiting so many places we chose El Castillo del Bosque at the Zoreda.

Any special moment to be remembered?

The best part was to see my dog Lucas, he was already part of the engagement during Paris which was also organized by the Vintage Wedding team. But to see him wearing a tux at the church I couldn’t hold my tears, the fun part was that he also had a place to sit at the reception with his toys and treats. We couldn’t have imagined our wedding without Lucas.


Any advice for future brides?

To make their dream wedding come true, and to let the professionals guide them so they can be stress-free enjoying every moment.



Who was the photographer?

Photos – JFk Imagen Social

Video- Perpestive


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