Ana tells us her story of how she found her wedding dress, and we love how she describes this moment: “It was the dress that found me, not the other way around.”  ¡Such beautiful photos!



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Where did you get ready for the big day?

At my parents’ house.

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Which church was the ceremony in?

Santa Marinha da Costa, Guimarães, Portugal.




How did you feel when you saw yourself in your dress on your wedding day?

More than beautiful! It was everything I’d imagined for that day: cool, romantic, comfortable and different.


How and where did you find your Rosa Clará dress?

I found it in the boutique in Vigo. The sales assistant there picked three gowns from all the ones I’d seen, and one of those was The Chosen One!



What made you choose this model? Was it the dress you’d always dreamed of?

The skirt and delicate embroidery. I’d always imagined myself in a full, sweeping skirt. I didn’t want anything heavy. And that’s how it was! It was just the fabric I was looking for!

I had no idea what I wanted, though I knew exactly what I didn’t want! The assistant in the boutique helped me more than anybody else. The dress found me, not the other way round.


Did you change anything on your dress, or did you stick with the original Rosa Clará design?

Yes, we gave the skirt a bit more volume and added more flower embroidery to the back. It looked amazing!


What style of veil did you choose? Where did you get it?
The veil also came from Rosa Clará. That said, I also wore a mantilla comb. I’d always wanted to do that! I think it’s more romantic and it suits my face better than a traditional veil.



What flowers did you put in the bouquet? And who did you give it to?

The bouquet was made up of white astilbes. It was really simple and was held together by two ribbons — a white one and one my husband-to-be gave me on a trip to Fátima. I gave it to one of my maids of honor, Nini, who’s one of my best friends (and single!).



Where did you have the reception?

We had the reception at the Mosteiro de Santa Marinha da Costa, in the Pousada de Guimarães. It’s the ideal place to get married!



Which moments do you remember most?

Every single one of them! I loved dancing till dawn and celebrating with all my family and friends. To tell the truth, I remember little snippets of so many moments, each of them truly special.


Any tips for brides-to-be?

Make the most of it all, because time really does fly by. It’s a day unlike any other and all you need is a big smile and your dream dress. Everything else will fall into place, because you’ll be marrying the love of your life, so go for it!



Who took the photos?

Instante Fotografia.

Wedding Planners: The Wedding company.


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