A Rosa Clará bride full of personality. We love it!

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This month we’re shining the bridal spotlight on Javier and Fanny. The twosome said there “I do’s” during an emotional and romantic outdoor ceremony. #RosaClaraBride Fanny modified model Ideal to make it an original gown she will never forget. We love this couple!

Where was the ceremony held?

We celebrated a wonderful, emotive and very romantic ceremony outside the Riega Palace Gardens in Austurias, Spain. We wanted a special ceremony, so we did the most beautiful wedding rituals: vows, wedding coins and rings… We read a script and our family collaborated. There were emotive words, we wanted to leave our emotions with our family, so we recited our own vows before exchanging rings.


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Where did you get ready for the big event?

We wanted to continue with tradition, so we slept separately. Javi slept in our home, and I was at my parent´s house. I prepared for the big day at the ABBA Beach Hotel, where we spent our wedding night–a gift.



How did you feel when you saw yourself wearing your dress the day of the wedding?

I could not enjoy the moment more. I was so nervous as my make up and hair were being done, but it was amazing watching myself evolve into this beautiful bride.



How and where did you find your Rosa Clará dress?

I was always pretty clear on my bridal style. I wanted a beautiful dress, romantic, contemporary, and with special and festive details because this was the motive behind our day: celebrate our love with the most important people in our lives.

The result was a tulle gown in champagne with embroidered sleeves, bodice and skirt and a stunning exposed back. I accessorized with jewellery in mixed metal tones: copper and old silver.



How about the complements you wore? (shoes, jewellery)

It was important to me to wear versatile shoes that were both comfortable, beautiful and could be worn after my wedding day. I chose a suede peep toe pump in pink with silver detail. They were very comfortable the entire day and I wore them as I danced the night away.

My jewellery: I wore Isabelinos earrings in white gold and brilliants–a present from my parents. My “something borrowed” was a brilliant border in white and pink gold, to add color to my look. And of course, my engagement ring in white gold and with brilliants.


What type of flowers did the bouquet have? To whom did you give it to?

It was a bouquet with vendela rose, English rose and ramificadas roses in soft colours, white bouvardia and white astilbe, with green, eucalyptus and viburnum.

I did not give the bouquet away. It was a present for my father who passed away. He was present in our hearts during the ceremony, I carried his photo in my bouquet.


Where was the reception held?

The reception was at the Riega Palace, at a house in the country outside Gijón.  We wanted to use all the available space so we had the cocktail hour outside in the garden so our guests could enjoy the breath taking views. The catering was handled by Nacho and Esther Manzano.


Is there a special or funny moment you remember?

I remembered the preparations, when we chose the invitations, and the last decoration detail, the ceremony, the presents… we wanted to personalize our wedding as much as we could, we were involved throughout every step. There were a lot of months dedicated entirely to the wedding, but the result could not have been better.

During the wedding day we had a lot of special and emotive moments. Our guests recited beautiful words during the ceremony, promises (dance, video, photos) that they had prepared.


Any advice for future brides?

The only advice is enjoy the day. Enjoy every moment because they are unrepeatable and go by so fast. This day the protagonists are bridegroom so they had to enjoy a lot of because they are celebrating their love and their engagement surrounded by their family and people who love you. The most important is let go of your nerves and have faith in the professionals you hired.



Who was your photographer?

Our photographer was David Fernández. He had experience in wedding and fashion editorials so we contacted him. His style is simple, natural and modern, and he captures a special light in the pictures. He obtains a magic perspective in every moment with his camera.



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