10 tips that will help you with your wedding dress search

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Hello girls!

The countdown begins and with it the search for a wedding dress. Are you nervous? There is no reason to be! In today’s post, we’ll share some tips so that your search for a dress is not an unknown territory, and so you can fully enjoy this beautiful moment.

  1. If you don’t know what style will suit you best, don’t despair! This is perfectly normal! Our excellent in-store advisers will help you to find the dress that makes you feel the best according to your tastes and body shape.

21101_1_PADOVA2.Look for inspiration. Search websites, social networks, and magazines / wedding websites … and find details, sleeves, laces, and backs you like. This way, you will become familiar with the current trends and it will be easier to choose a style. You can check our collections HERE.

21148_3_PENUMBRA3. Make an appointment in advance, about 1 year and 8 months before the wedding. It is always best to go without haste, enjoy the moment, and make it an unforgettable experience.

21156_2_PESARO4. Do not discard any style. Although you are clear on your style, many times a wedding dress you did not imagine you would like can surprise you. Let yourself go!

21159_1_PICARO5.When trying on dresses, try to avoid taking pictures. The store’s lighting is not made for home photos and is not often very flattering. Instead, we recommend taking a “mental picture” of the dress and how you feel wearing it. That memory is indelible!

21255_1_PERSA6. Choose your help committee well. Take people of whom you value their opinion and know your style. We recommend that you don’t bring more than 3-4 people. Feel comfortable with your companions!

21265_1_POLONIA7. How do I know which dress is for me? It’s something great! When putting it on, you’ll instinctively know this is the one. It is an inexplicable feeling, but all brides feel the same when they find their dress. Suddenly, your face lights up and the emotion invades the fitting room. Often, there are even tears of emotion!

21266_3_POMPEYA8.Wear flesh or mink-colored underwear, even if you plan to wear a girdle on your wedding day – you can take it with you and see yourself more favored.

21144_2_PEGASUS 9. Talk to your counselor. Tell him/her what you like, what you would prefer to avoid, what is your priority … Show him/her who you are – be yourself so that he/she can get to know you better and thus be able to advise you in the best way possible.

21134_6_PASTORA 10. Enjoy the experience. You will only experience this once in a lifetime, so be calm, open your mind, enjoy, laugh, dance … It will be an unforgettable day!


We hope you’ve found this helpful :)


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